Sep 5

First Aid Kit - Master Pretender (acoustic)

Phox – Calico Man & 1936

A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque

Sep 3

Garth Marenghi reads from “Slicer”.

Classic chiller.

Aug 30

The Risk in the Reward

The Risk in the Reward


It amazes me how rigged the casino of life is.

Nah, it doesn’t. All casinos are rigged. The point – if your objective is minimising the risk that you’ll get taken to the cleaners – the point is to find the game where the house has the smallest edge. The game where the players take (more accurately recoup) comparatively more money from the house than players of other games do.

So, blackjack.…

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Aug 26

The Seven New and Improved Heavenly Virtues

Hi guys. Thanks for staying late, it’s really appreciated. Grab yourselves a slice of pizza and a beer from the back.

As you know, we’ve been busting our asses on this brief to rebrand the seven Heavenly virtues, and I think we’re getting somewhere. We convinced the client to splash a little extra moolah on some research, and the early drafts have tested well with focus groups. It’s helping, but…

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Antipop Consortium - Ghostlawns


Aug 25

The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy - Television, the Drug of the Nation

Flashback Monday morning’. It doesn’t make a good hashtag, but whogivesa?

Aug 21

Haim - My Song 5 feat. A$AP Ferg

Chat show style.

War On Drugs - Under the Pressure

Palo Palo Palito

Yeah, wish they’d shot this landscape… still, stick with it!

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