Jul 21

Anagrams = Ars Magna

Anagrams = Ars Magna

Invent, invent wildly, paying no attention to connections, till it becomes impossible to summarize. A simple relay race among symbols, one says the name of the next, without rest. To dismantle the world into a saraband of anagrams, endless. And then believe in what cannot be expressed. Is this not the true reading of the Torah? Truth is the anagram of an anagram. Anagrams = ars magna.

- Foucault’…

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Jul 20

Kiesza - Hideaway (Official Video) from DjSets on Vimeo.

Hideaway - Kiesza

You gotta love a one-take clip.

Jul 2

FKA Twigs - Two Weeks

Heartless Bastards - Parted Ways

Gorramn this is such a song.

Jun 29

Goldfinch, Schmoldfinch

Goldfinch, Schmoldfinch #blogpost #tartt


On the opposite wall, graffiti: smiley face and arrows, Warning Radioactive, stencilled lightning bolt with the word Shazam, dripping horror movie letters, keep it nice!

The Goldfinchcircles around Amsterdam. The final third of the book is set there. And the quote above was perhaps my favourite moment of that sludgy, long, and repetitious last part. Weirdly, I know the guys who painted that…

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Jun 26

Breeders - Cannonball

Another early 90’s classic indie pop thing.

Jun 25

Broken Twin - Glimpse of a Time

20syl - Kodama

L7 - Pretend We’re Dead

File under: Blast, Past (from the)

Jun 15

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